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Cuihua Mountains Landslide Scemery National Geopark,Shaanxi
By Tu Wei Wei
    Located in the north of Qin Mountains in Chang¡¯ an county,Shaanxi, 20kilometers away from Xi¡¯an, Cuihua Mountains landslede scenery natiobal Geopek is one of rhe first 11Geoparks authorzed by National Land Resources department in March, 2001and,one of the firse unveiled national parks in China as well.In rhe paek,rhe highese peak Zhongnan mountain elevates above sea level by 2604m with total area 32km2and is one of the developed fullest from landslide.With its mose complete divetsety of landslise appearance,
    mose typical structure, mose intace, of landslide appearance,mose typical structure,nose intace,largestscale amd highest tourism value,the park is the mose unusual in China and abroad,as demonstrated with search by Shaanxi Sci ¨C tech Information Research Instetute, well ¨C known ad Chinese landslide miracle scenery and geological museum.
    It was recorded in recorded in records on kindoms in the early stage of Wese Zhou Dunasty that at the second year(B.C.780)during the you king period of West zhou dynadty there had been a great earthquake in the three valleys in the middle part of Shaanxi.And im earthquake resulted in rivers dried andQishan plateau collapsed. The same record can also be found in¡®On historecal events¡¯ by Si Maqian, an ancient scholar of the Dynsty.It is by inference from literature record in records on kindoms in the early stage of West Zhou Dynasty that the Cuihua landslide scenery was caused to form be the earthquakes following.
    By classification in geological history the Cuihua mountain belongs to Qin mountain chain,composed of divetsity of metamorphic rock from middle geological Epoch, oen billion years ago. The large fault from the earthquake formed in the north slpe of Qin Mountain chain lowered to take shape of the plain in the middle of Shaanxi while the soth slope raised to habve Qin miontain peaks cone to exist. Fir the past ten thousand years, Qin Mountaen chain has been raising by 1.73 ¡ª3.4 mm, that is the reason why the rock of Qin Mountain is solid with brittle properties. And this, together with long ¡ªterm weathering, had accelerated the landslide to happen.
    Landslide area in Cuihua mountain covers 5.2km2 with 300 million m3 rock collapsed.At present 1.5km2 have been developed with distrebutions in low ¡ª lying land so called Shui Jiao Pond and Gan Jiao Pond and Da P ing. And the developed area is mainly conpised if three parts such as survival peaks and remained cliff,stone sea from collapse and the lake formed fromed cliff are mainly meaning Yuan pekd, Ganjiaopeak and Cuihua pead and other clidds from landslide/ Ss for the above three peaks one will be surprised at the scenery. The three peaks are piercing into the sky in heated competition with tripartite confrontation and unexpected towering. ¡®The zhongnan peaks coming into sight far awayfrom the south look like green screen; Going up into te sky with rose ¨C tinted clouds woven¡¯(from the mmorandum to Qianlong by Shaanxi tour inspector,Qin Dynasty). The Yuan peak elevates above sea level by 1688m with half of itself split, the secrion looking like a jade board standing upright, surprisingly fantastic. Events on the middle part of Shaanxi had once recorded that¡°to the east of Taiyi Valley that the section of the peak was as smooth as a bard with a Jinhua cave hidden in her waist. There were always clouds flowing out of the cave with the rain follwed. And from the scenery there had been going the famus verse ¡®from the top of Yuan peak clouds raise;from the Jinhua cave the rain falls.¡¯In summer clouds and mist drifting from place to place one can enjoy himself with the vast expanse of the space.

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